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At Hummingbird Meadow and Design we believe that there is something truly wonderful about seasonal blooms. 


We are the people that find joy in the smell of garden roses. We’re the people that get excited as we harvest sweet peas, dahlias and snapdragons. We’re the people that understand just how special it is to treasure and appreciate naturally occurring gems that grow with ease in our local gardens. 


And now, we’re incredibly proud to be the people that bring those moments to you.

Hi there, I’m Carly. 


Lover of flowers, mother of two, and passionate about all things nature.

I live on a beef cattle and sheep farm, along with my husband Simon and have been growing beautiful season-cut flowers for a decade! My first polytunnel found its way into my garden when my daughter Eliana was born, and after beginning with the intention of growing vegetables, I very quickly fulfilled my lifelong dream of growing beautiful, local flowers. 


For me, there’s nothing more wonderful than the smell of fresh flowers, and I often found myself incredibly disappointed with bouquets in the past. Many internationally sourced bouquets after being imported, quickly lose their scent and are tainted with chemicals and additives that disallow their full beauty. 


I believe that flowers have the power to bring joy to every home, and I was determined to bring my local community a natural, sustainable and high-quality collection of flowers that could be enjoyed in their full glory. 


Working with the land, getting to know how it works and nurturing every flower to grow with ease has been a whirlwind of an adventure, and one that I have enjoyed wholeheartedly. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to do this job, and I don’t think there’s anything sweeter than seeing the smiles on my customer’s faces. 


The most important thing for me is that every customer feels welcome. I always want Hummingbird Meadow to be a space for community, connection and comfort, and I cannot wait to get to know you better. 


Feel free to take your time looking around, and if you have any questions or would like to have a chat, please get in contact. 


If I can help you find a little more joy, I certainly will. 


I can’t wait to hear from you. 





When you choose a Hummingbird bouquet, you are choosing a sustainable, ethically sourced, low-emission bouquet. It’s estimated that 90% of the flowers sold through florists and supermarkets are imported. This means that blooms are clocking up a lot of air miles and contributing to a large amount of pollution! When you choose a homegrown, locally delivered bunch, planet earth will certainly thank you.  




At Hummingbird, we move super fast! Our flowers are cut, hand-tied and delivered at a super fast rate, allowing your flowers the chance to stay fresher for longer. You’ll notice that your blooms will also have a gorgeous scent for much longer than you’re used to, so your home can be continuously filled with the joys of nature. 




All of the flowers in our bouquets are homegrown. This means that we’re the ones that plant the seeds, nurture their growth and cut them when ready. We can guarantee you that every single bunch is tied with an extra helping of love, care, passion and devotion. Trust us when we say, you’ll be able to tell the difference! 




When you invest in a Hummingbird flower arrangement, you’re actively contributing to the betterment of a small local economy. Shopping small and shopping local is always a good idea and an even better one when the produce is this good. 




Although you might not always be able to get the exact flowers you’re searching for, when you buy from Hummingbird, you’ll have the chance to experience, learn about and enjoy local flowers that are naturally occurring here in Northern Ireland. This gives you a chance to connect with the biodiversity that makes up your landscape, and discover the naturally occurring beauty we have on our doorstep.


Our Values

Our values are extremely important to us here at Hummingbird Meadow and Design. In fact, we could easily say that they’re the twine that ties the whole business together.


Connecting with people, supporting communities and championing local makers is something we feel extremely passionate about here at Hummingbird. Community is our golden thread.


Our beautiful flowers come from the planet, and therefore, we always want to give back. We pledge to always try our best to work ethically and sustainably, by using biodegradable products where possible and encouraging a green ethos.


Every bouquet that we craft is designed and hand-tied with quality at the forefront. We believe you deserve the best, every time.


We respect the flowers we have nurtured, the customers that have trusted us, and the people that we work alongside wholeheartedly. Respect is at the centre of everything we do.


Honesty truly matters to the Hummingbird team. We pledge to always speak with integrity, be honest about our methods and connect with our community in a genuine and heartfelt way.

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